Guerrilla Projections – Where to Find Us

The So Shoot Me photographers are looking forward to a night of street photography on Thursday 8th April.  There are two ways you can catch I Street Photo: come and see our roving guerrilla projection (where to find us and when is listed below) or come to The Book Club, Leonard Street, from 7.3opm, where you can see the same work with beer, music, and less chance of witnessing police interaction!  We’d love it if you choose to do both…

7-7.45pm – 1st projection in Trafalgar Square

8- 8.30pm – 2nd projection in Leicester Square

8.45-9pm – 3rd projection in Hoxton Square

9.15pm – Final projection at Leonard Street

The evening at The Book Club will run from 7.30pm-2am and will feature more street photography slideshows, plus photos documenting the guerrilla projections which will have happened in the preceding hour or two for those who missed them!

Looking forward to seeing you there.

from So Shoot Me

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Some photos by So Shoot Me photographers

By Claire Barthelemy

By Ore Huiying

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Press Release

Ok so if you’d like to read a bit more on what we’re about, learn more about the impending restrictions on photographers and generally get more info on the event. Please download our press release.

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Digital Economy Bill

I’m sure you are all aware that the Digital Economy Bill, that is going to ban us all from photographing in public, is currently being rushed through parliament, we need to do something.

We should all write to our MP’s at least, just click on this link and put your postcode in and it will tell who your MP is and you can send a letter to them through the website.

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Street photography show!

I heart street photo is a celebration of street photography organised by ‘So Shoot Me’, in light of the impending government restrictions on photography in public places. The show will feature new street photography from the UK by ‘So Shoot Me’ photographers.

Thurs 8th April @ The Book Club – 7:30pm – 2am

The Book Club

100 Leonard Street



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